A little bit about the products...

Our mission is simple - safe, sustainable products for the most sensitive of skin. 

Our bombs are made with plant-based aromatics formulated with essential oils & isolates derived only from raw botanical sources. That's our fancy way of saying, we use synthetic-free fragrances (we avoid that F word at all costs).

Another word we like to avoid is "natural," because it's often used in a misleading, greenwashing way. There are also plenty of naturally-occurring elements that I wouldn't recommend putting ON or IN you. I digress.


Rather, we like to describe our products as SIMPLE, SAFE, & SUSTAINABLE. For more about our products, click here to check out our blog, where we discuss ingredients in more detail.

We also LOVE customs! Our bombs make the perfect party favor or special-occasion gift. Please reach out to us at for special order requests and wholesale pricing, or visit the linked pages for more details!

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